Who Are We

We’re Aaron and Jason. We grew up in rural Dodge City, Kansas. Yes, we come from the place that everyone tells you to get the hell out of. If you’re wondering why, it’s a simple formula:

Feed Lots + Beef Packing Plants + Windiest City in the U.S. = Well, you know the saying…

We’re brothers, and we’ve been in business together for a decade. What’s our secret to not killing each other? Business automation, and lots of it.

Others claim to be sales and marketing automation “experts,” but how many have actually walked in your shoes? How many have practiced what they preach? We learned in the trenches, not the textbooks.

We previously founded and grew a global premium sports nutrition brand, hitting $1M+ in sales the first year. Less than three years later we were doing that monthly. With just seven salespeople, all working from home. How did we do it?

We drew on a wide array of experiences with building (and sometimes, failing) businesses in completely unrelated industries. We’ve owned traditional businesses like a financial planning practice, a pest control business and a real estate investment company. We’ve also invested in some decidedly non-traditional ventures, such as racing greyhounds and a race team with a former Nascar driver (I guess we like speed). The point is, we’ve seen it all.

Others talk about thinking outside the box, but clearly, we’ve never even known where the box is. For the last ten years, our daily commute has been a stroll down the hall and into the home office. Business automation has given us freedom.

If your website isn’t working as hard as you are, then you’re likely exchanging precious time with friends & family for late nights at the office. You’ll never get those nights back. But give us a few minutes, and we might find that the freedom you so desperately desire is right in front of you.


(We promise you’ll hang up with at least one significant, actionable improvement TODAY.)

Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas
Aaron graduated with honors with a degree in Finance from Fort Hays State University. He is the co-founder of Progenex, the former official performance nutrition partner of The CrossFit Games. He’s a sports fan (Rock Chalk Jayhawk), avid reader, aspiring world traveler, lover of music & film, and workout nut (when there’s time). He also fits in most overhead compartments.
Jason Thomas
Jason Thomas
Jason graduated with honors with a degree in Business from Wichita State University. Prior to spending the last couple years building kick-ass sales & marketing automation funnels as an Infusionsoft and Hubspot consultant, he honed his skills leading the sales team at Progenex. He enjoys sitting on his front porch, splitting wood, and growing facial hair (as any Arkansan should).

What Our Clients Are Saying

As personal injury lawyer, great marketing tools are essential. Automation is incredibly powerful, but it’s also difficult to manage. That’s why outsourcing my automation needs to Jason at Empower Solutions has been so great! They’ve put my campaigns on autopilot, and now I’m happier than ever with my marketing. They’re amazing!

parker-layrissonParker Layrisson, Personal Injury Attorney

I’ve worked with Jason & Empower Solutions on automating my business for over 3 years. While I have the capacity to do much of the automation myself, I found that working with someone who is knowledgeable, reliable, committed, professional and trustworthy is a much better solution. Not only does Empower handle all of my automation, Jason has been very helpful in the business and marketing strategy side as well. He’s a great guy and has a great team!

ernie-svensonErnie Svenson, Lawyer & Founder of Small Firm Bootcamp

Although I’m fairly technically competent, I had trouble getting automation off the ground before Jason and I connected. He has since implemented automated marketing campaigns and internal communications processes for my appellate practice. His guidance is critical to achieving my vision of how automation can help us stand apart from the competition.

Todd Smith, Appellate Attorney

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